Section Meeting Reports

Please provide the requested information. You can always return to this report and edit your responses. If you wish to save your responses, you can request a copy from the MAA or record them elsewhere.
1. Section
2. Meeting Date
Date meeting was held:
3. Submitted by:
4. Is the meeting report final?
5. Type of meeting - Please indicate primary, secondary, and tertiary parts of the meeting.
Fall Section Meeting
Spring Section Meeting
Dinner Meeting
Section NExT
6. Please indicate the registration cost for each category offered at your meeting.
7. Routine Activities - Please indicate if you had the following activities at your meeting.
MAA book sale
Student competition
Student social activity
Department chairs session
MAA liaisons session
8. Total Attendance
9. Faculty Attendance
10. Student Attendance
11. Other Attendance
Sessions/Presenters - Please indicate how many sessions/presenters you had for each of the categories below.
12. Invited Speakers
13. Panels
14. Contributed Papers
15. Workshop or Minicourse
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