School Administrator Post-Program evaluation

Thank you for partnering with Girl Scouts of Central Maryland. We appreciate the opportunity to help your students thrive in school and in the community. Please take this brief survey to help us gauge the effectiveness of the program(s) now being completed at your school.
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School type
School Name
School contact person
What type of program did Girl Scouts present at your school? Please complete one survey for EACH DIFFERENT KIND of program that is currently ending (one for STEM programs, one for anti-bullying, etc.)
Program name
To which grade(s) was the program presented?
End date of this set of Girl Scout Programs
Presenter's name
How many times has your school received a Girl Scout PROGRAM in the past 5 years? (Each program consists of several sessions, usually once a week for 4, 6 or 8 weeks)
So that we can report to funders, who help make it possible for us to continue this program, please describe specific changes in the GRADES and/or TRUANCY rates of students in this program. For example, after a "Science is Fun" Girl Scout program, you might note that "the average science grade for girls in the program has risen from B-minus to B." OR: "20 of 25 girls who participated in this program now arrive at school on time most days. When the program began, 18 of 25 arrived on time most days."
Have you noticed that students participating in Girl Scouts of Central Maryland programs have:
Strongly disagreeModerately disagreeUndecidedModerately agreeStrongly agree
Decreased truancy or absentee rates?
Increased self-esteem?
Improved behaviors (dress, attitude, etc.)?
Decreased school violence and/or discipline issues?
Improvement in students' grades?
Increased involvement of their parents in school activities?
Please rate:
Very poorPoorNeutralGoodExcellent
Overall experience with this Girl Scout program
Communication of Girl Scout presenter with your school
What did you like most about the program and its impact on your students?
What improvements, if any, would you like to see in the program?
Would you:
YesNot sureNo
Like to receive Girl Scout programs in the future?
Recommend this Girl Scout program to your colleagues at other schools?
Which type(s) of Girl Scout programs would you be interested in next?
What types of delivery method do you prefer?
Please share any additional comments/feedback or success story