City of Austin Safe Walk Safe Bike Survey

The City is developing a campaign to prompt drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians to behave more safely on the road, while encouraging Austinites to bicycle, walk and take public transportation more often.

Almost 100 people in a series of focus groups have discussed their opinions and six messages have been crafted. Now we need your input. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Your responses will make a difference.
1. Which of the messages below do you think is the most likely to get people to change their safety and/or mobility behaviors?
Rank them in order of their effectiveness, with number 1 being the MOST effective, and number 6 being the LEAST effective. (Your selections will be automatically ranked/re-ordered as you make your choices)
Cycling and walking improve health.
Getting people out of cars is good for Austin’s environment.
Making eye contact on the road makes us safer.
Riding and walking in groups is safer and more fun.
Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are ALL responsible for following traffic rules.
Riding a bike gives you freedom (from traffic, from parking issues, from gas costs, and (for non-drivers) from waiting for rides from parents, friends and siblings).
2. Are there other themes you think would have a bigger impact? Tell us here:
3. What is your primary mode of transportation (please check all that apply)?
4. Which of the following media do you use MOST to get your news?
5. Please answer the following demographic questions. Your information will NOT be used for any other purpose but to analyze results of this survey.

GENDER (Select one)
6. AGE?
9. YOUR ETHNICITY (select one):
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