2015 Crash the Convention application

Application: Crash the 2015 League Annual Convention

Each year, hundreds of credit union leaders gather at The Wisconsin Credit Union League's Annual Convention to address the industry's top issues and find pathways for solving them.

Among the issues credit unions face, young adult outreach and succession planning are among the highest priority.

In an effort to engage and help retain our industry's young leaders, The League is inviting young professionals - 35 years and younger - to Crash the Convention.

For the sixth year in a row, The League will host a "Crash the Convention" event, which will allow up to 20 young credit union employees to attend The Wisconsin Credit Union League's Annual Convention, May 6-9 in the Dells, and take part in special sessions with top industry leaders and featured Convention speakers.

Convention registration, hotel and many meal costs are covered for Crashers. So beyond travel expenses and a few meals, there is little cost to the credit union. This is thanks to our generous sponsors: W.C.U.L. Services Corp and CUNA Mutual Group.

Ready to sign up? Complete and submit this application by April 10. Applicants should be prepared to not only Crash but, also be motivated to make an impact when they return to their credit union afterwards.

For more information on The League's Convention, please visit www.theleague.coop/convention

Please contact Josh Roberts at jroberts@theleague.coop or 608-514-0080 with any questions.
1. Please answer the following:
2. Please answer the following:
Have you attended The League's Annual Convention before?
Are you a member of the Wisconsin Young Professionals Network?
Do you have permission from your manager to Crash the Convention?
Have you already registered to attend this year's League Convention?
3. How long have you worked in the credit union industry?
4. Please describe any professional/extracurricular activities you’re involved in outside of your current job role (can be within or outside of the credit union industry):
5. Besides attending this Crash event, what is one professional goal you would like to achieve within the next 3 years?
6. What is your reason for applying to Crash the League's Convention?
7. According to the CUNA 2013-2014 Survey of Members and Nonmembers, 71% of young nonmembers ages 18 to 24 are “not at all familiar” or “not very familiar” with credit unions. In your opinion, what is something credit unions should be doing to ensure their future success and relevancy with consumers?
8. Who is your favorite Superhero, and why?
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