Chicago Area Alumni Survey

1. Year of Graduation
2. School/college
3. Your major (s)
4. SU would like to hold more events in the Chicago region, what region/area is the best location for events?
5. What time of day is best for events?
6. What type of event (s) interest you?
7. What type of event (s) would you like to suggest for the Chicago area?
8. Would you be willing to host an event at your residence?
9. Would your company be willing to host an event?
10. Would you consider volunteering at an alumni event in Chicago?
11. If you have not attended an alumni event in Chicago, what was your reason?
12. If you have children, would you like to see more family oriented programs?
13. If you answered yes to the last question, please provide the age range of your children?
14. Are you connected to Windy City Orange Alumni Club by:
15. If you answered not connected in the last question, can you please tell us why?
16. Are you connected to SU in Chicago?
17. If you answered you are not connected in the last question, can you please tell us why?
18. Were you aware of the Syracuse University Chicago Regional Campaign?
19. What is the best way to contact you concerning alumni events in the area?
20. Do you have any other comments or ideas for SU's growth in the Chicago area?
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