WI REGION BBYO SRC 2012 Al Gag Ha'Olam

1. Your Satisfaction and Impact

1. The focus of this convention was to build our regional community. Please indicate the extent to which the convention inspired you to explore this topic further.
2. Please indicate the extent to which this convention:
Not At AllTo A Great Extent
Demonstrated to you the value and importance of having Jewish friends
Made you proud to be part of the Jewish people
Improved your ability as a leader
Encouraged you to celebrate Jewish events (Shabbat, holidays, etc.) with your friends and family
Inspired you to visit and connect with Israel
Motivated you to engage in causes in order to have a positive impact in your community
3. Please rate the quality of the following programs:
Poor (1)2345Excellent (6)N/A
Friday Night Services
Juegos del Ninos (International Children's Games)
AZA Separates (Choose N/A if you did not attend)
BBG Separates (Choose N/A if you did not attend)
Regional Lives
Saturday Morning Services
The Challenge
Regional Elections
4. Based on your experience at this convention, please indicate how likely you are to recommend future BBYO conventions to your friends:
5. Please indicate the extent to which this convention has prepared you to go home and improve your chapter:
6. Overall, how good do you think this convention was?
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