Application 2014-2015: School Leadership Program Tier I / MA 

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Early bird registration:
**Candidates that apply during this period will receive free program materials**

Round 1: Application
Now through March 14th, 2014

Round 2: Supporting Documents
Due March 21st, 2014

Round 3: University Application
Due April 1st, 2014

Regular Deadline to apply: June 6th, 2014
**Please note all supporting documents must also be uploaded by this deadline to be considered for entry into the program**

Supporting Documents & University Application (submitted online): Due by June 6th, 2014

Transcripts & Application Fee: Postmarked by June 6th, 2014
Welcome and thank you for your interest in our program!


You can expect this application to take between 20-30 minutes to complete. You may complete it all at once or stop and come back to it at any time. **Once submitted, you will not be able to re-enter your application. Admissions is on a rolling basis; application period closes when spots fill. You should complete each step in this process ASAP.**

Please note that you will be asked for CBEST test results as well as work history over the past five years (specific dates not necessary).

SHORT ANSWER PROMPTS (prepare to copy and paste into application)

Within this application you will be asked to submit responses (<500 words each) to three prompts:

1. Describe a time when you worked collaboratively and developed another adult.
2. Explain the leadership qualities and characteristics of an exemplary administrator or leader.
3. How should leaders work with the change process and resistance to such change?

If you have any questions during or after completing this application please contact the Program Admissions at (310) 243-3530 or


This on-line application is the first step in the SLP admission process. Applicants are evaluated after each step and only some are invited to continue. You will be notified either way; allow two weeks after completion of this application for notification. Please do not call the admission office for status updates before two weeks of your submission.

Each year we receive many applications and we are able to admit only a relatively few number of students to each year’s cohorts. These students,

• bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences to their cohort
• are currently employed at a school site
• have demonstrated, through the admission process, an ability to complete a hybrid (online/on-site) graduate-level educational program
• demonstrate a passion for becoming "Ready to Lead" school leaders

The SLP Program uses a hybrid content delivery model (online/on-site) that makes extensive use of online content delivery tools and email communication. At minimum students must be technology-friendly and resourceful – if not yet technologically savvy.

The SLP Admission Process (like our program/course delivery model):

• requires technological/online savvy-ness and/or resourcefulness
• requires attention to visual/text/auditory detail and email communication
• minimizes “paper-work” for Applicant and our SLP Staff by implementing the cloud for document submission.

SLP Apply Process

Round 1 - Complete this on-line Application
Upon submission of this application, within two weeks, you will receive the SLP Application Confirmation email indicating that your on-line application was received and, if you are chosen to proceed, giving you instructions on how to do so.

Round 2 - Submit supporting documents & apply to university
Follow instructions in the SLP Application Confirmation email to (1) submit Supporting Documents, (2) complete Target Success Leadership Sketch, and (3)

Round 3 - University Application
complete the University Application online at

**If you are invited to join the program you will receive an invitational email with further information about attending a mandatory summer "Boot Camp" orientation.**
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