1. What is your Gender?
2. Do you lift weights?
3. Are you an Athlete?
4. Please rate how each of the following prevent you from working out:
Never prevents me from lifting weightsRarely prevents me from lifting weightsOccasionally prevents me from lifting weightsSometimes prevents me from lifting weightsUsually prevents me from lifting weightsFrequently prevents me from lifting weightsAlways prevents me from lifting weights
Access/Availability of Weight Facilities
Access/Availability of Weight Equipment
Lack of Motivation/Don't Want to
Use of Other Exercise Techniques
5. Please rate how each of the following would motivate you to lift weights:
Definitely would not motivate meMost likely would not motivate meProbably would not motivate meIndifferentProbably would motivate meMost likely would motivate meDefinitely would motivate me
Different Weight Room Hours
Designated Times for Specifically Men or Women
Different Music Selection
Larger Facilities/More Equipment
6. Are you satisfied with your current body image?
7. Please rate how important each of the following are to you:
Not ImportantPretty UnimportantMostly Not ImportantIndifferentMostly ImportantPretty ImportantVery Important
Muscle Size
Muscle Tone