Alternative SPED Teacher Certification

OK HB1233 is pending legislative approval. This legislation would provide an alternative route for special education teacher certification. One of the requirements would be for applicants to attend a 150 hour training and field experience program or "Boot Camp." Please assist the State Department of Education with pre-planning to prepare for the next steps if this bill passes. Here is summary of the application and training requirements.
1. Please select the region that best describes the location of your district:
2. Please select the word that best describes the community in which your school district is located:
3. Please select the range that best describes the student population of your district:
4. My district would complete the application process and host a Boot Camp to provide the 150 hours of training and field experience.
5. My district would like more information on forming a partnership with a university to offer a Boot Camp for college credit.
6. My district would prefer to have the SDE host a Boot Camp to provide the 150 hours of training and field experience.
7. My district would prefer to develop materials for the boot camp training.
8. My district would be willing to allow applicants from any region of the state to attend Boot Camp training.
9. My projected start date for boot camp training would be before the school year ends.
10. My projected start date for Boot Camp training would be during the summer after the school year ends.
11. My district would plan to host another Boot Camp session during the 2013 - 2014 school year.
12. Additional Comments:
13. Contact Information: (Optional)
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