TaskStream Faculty Online Training Module Evaluation


Please respond to the items in this survey so that we may improve the TaskStream training module.
1. Please respond to each of the following statements by indicating your level of agreement.
The content in the online training module was well organized.
The content in the online training module will be useful to me.
The onscreen examples were clear.
The onscreen examples were useful.
2. Please indicate your perception of the amount of detail provided in each section of the online training module.
Too much
Too little
Right amount
of detail
Setting up a TaskStream Account
Introduction - TaskStream in Higher Education
Login Procedure
Assessing Student Assignments
Grading Student Assignments
3. After viewing this online training module, do you need further training in beginning to use TaskStream?
4. Please rate the following statements.
Content of the online training module
Delivery of the online training module
5. Please use the space below to offer any suggestions on how to improve the online training module or offer topic ideas for future modules.
6. Which of the following Program Assessment Portfolios will you be involved in assessing or grading?
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