Respite Service Providers Training Needs


Evaluation of the Lifespan Respite Care Program

IRB Protocol No.: X091222018

Explanation of Procedures: Greetings! This assessment will gather information about training needs of respite service providers in Alabama. Respite is temporary relief for caregivers of individuals with disabilities or chronic illness. Short-term respite may be provided within or outside of the home lasting less than one day or as many as several days. Respite care may be planned or a response to urgent situations. The purpose is to allow those with disabilities and chronic illness to continue to live in the community.

The Alabama Lifespan Respite Care Coalition asked evaluators from the UAB Center for Educational Accountability to assess training needs among respite providers in Alabama. The Coalition will use the information you provide to plan improvements to lifespan respite services.

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You will not receive any special consideration if you take part in this assessment. Call Dr. Brian Geiger at 205-975-5388 or Email, to answer your questions about the survey. Thanks for your participation!

If you have questions about your rights as a participant, or concerns or complaints about this activity, you may contact the Director of the Office of the Institutional Review Board for Human Use (OIRB). OIRB may be reached at (205) 934-3789 or 1-800-822-8816. If calling the toll-free number, press the option for “all other calls” or for an operator/attendant and ask for extension 4-3789. (Regular hours for the Office of the IRB are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday. You may also call this number in the event the research staff cannot be reached or you wish to talk to someone else.)
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