Readyforce Spring'13 Quick and Dirty Student Survey

We're doing a quick and dirty survey of Readyforce students. We want to know what you're focused on and what you're thinking about when evaluating potential employers. So please, take 5 MINUTES and tell us!

Answer this quick survey and be entered to win one of three gift cards for $100 to Amazon. Questions about the survey? Send an email to

Survey closes 5/7/13.
1. What is the name of your college/university?
2. What is your major?
3. What is your current class level?
4. Do you already have a full-time job after graduation?
5. Which computer languages do you consider yourself to be most proficient in?
(Select at least 1 and no more than three answers)
When answering the following questions, please consider your answer as it applies to a full-time position, post-graduation.
6. When evaluating an offer from a company, please SELECT the THREE most important factors you take into consideration: (choose 3 answers)
7. Which industry (or industries) are you most interested in working on? Select AT LEAST ONE and no more than THREE answers.
8. What size company are you most interested in working with?
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