Food Survey

1. Tell us about yourself:
2. What is your yearly household income in USD?
3. How many people reside in your household?
4. Do you buy organic produce/products?
5. How much of a premium do you pay for organic produce/products over conventionally grown produce/products?
6. Explain why you choose conventional or organic produce over the other.
7. Where do you shop for your produce? (select all that apply)
8. Do you associate those that choose organic produce with a certain social class/group? Explain.
9. About how much of your monthly grocery cart is organic?
10. Rate by level of importance. (1 being most important)
Entertainment (movies,games,game consoles etc.)
Outdoor Activities
Fashionable/Name brand Clothing
Basic Clothing
Conventional Food
Organic Food
Basic Housing (functioning heat, hot water, shared or small rooms)
Luxury Housing
Owning A Car
Access To Affordable Transportation
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