Montana GEAR UP College Sophomore Survey

1. What high school did you graduate from?
2. What year did you graduate from high school?
3. What college/university are you currently attending?
4. Are you enrolled full-time (12 credits or more per semester) or part time (less than 12 credits)?
5. Do you plan on continuing your post-secondary education in the 2014-2015 school year?
6. If you do plan on continuing your education, what do you plan on majoring in? Has your major changed since starting college, if so, why?
7. Did you complete your FAFSA for the 2013-2014 school year?
8. How are you paying for college? (Please check all that apply.)
9. What was the main influence on your decision to attend college? (please check all that apply)
10. Please rate the extent to which you agree with the following statements on a scale of 1=none to 4=a lot.

My high school provided sufficient...
Academic Preparation for college
Financial aid and college cost information
College awareness opportunities
Career awareness activities
Support with transition to college
11. If you did not feel supported, or felt like you needed more support, what would have been helpful with transitioning from high school to college? (Please check all that apply.)
12. What would you have liked to know before you started college? (Please check all that apply.)
13. 10. What parts of your GEAR UP experience helped you decide to attend college? (please rate the level of helpfulness ranging from very-unhelpful to very-helpful)
very unhelpfulunhelpfulhelpfulvery helpfuldid not receive this service
College visits
Summer programming (camp, etc)
Scholarship (Achievement Grant, or Montana GEAR UP Pathways)
Academic Rigor
Financial Literacy (managing money) Workshops
Financial Aid (filing the FAFSA, etc.) Workshops
Parent/family partnership
Dual-Credit/AP Opportunities
14. Did you place into college level courses immediately starting college, or did you have to take any remedial courses? (Such as Math, Reading, Writing or English at below the college credit level)
15. If you did need to take remedial courses, what subjects were they in? (you may select multiple answers for this question)
16. Were you aware of student support opportunities on college campus BEFORE starting your college experience? If so, please mark the services you were aware of. If you weren't aware of services before starting college, please select "not aware of any services". (Check all that apply.)
17. What support services have you found helpful now that you are a college student?
very unhelpfulunhelpfulhelpfulvery helpfuldon't know/haven't used
Academic Advising
Advising and Counseling
Writing Center
Tutoring Center
Health Services
Financial Aid Services
18. What do you know now that you wish you had known as a Freshman?
19. What obstacles, besides academic ones, have you faced in college? (Check all that apply.)
20. How do you define success for yourself? Who or what has supported that success?
21. Do you feel confident in your ability to succeed in college?
22. Do you plan to continue your postsecondary education in the 2014-2015 school year?
23. In the future, how would you like to receive information from GEAR UP? You may select more than one option.
24. Thank you for completing the survey! We appreciate your feedback. Enter your contact information and the name and location of your school to be entered to win a credit at your school bookstore!
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