Responsible Citizens Exchange Class Series

1. General questions

We are in the process of putting together a series of one-hour classes for Sutherland Institute's Responsible Citizen Exchange designed to help you become a more educated and involved citizen. Please take a few moments to respond to the following.
1. Please rank your interest in the following class topics (1 being "Not Interested" and 5 being "Very Interested").
Utah's Constitution
Transparency in Utah
Navigating Utah's Bureaucracies
Utah's Electoral System of Caucuses and Conventions
Self Reliance
The U.S. Constitution
How to get involved in the Legislative Process
Boards & Commissions in Utah
Schools & Education in Utah
How to be a Responsible Citizen
2. What other topics would you find helpful to cover in a class series like this?
3. What is the biggest barrier keeping you from getting more involved in the political process?
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