Skate Park Improvements

The City of Lake Wales is applying for a grant to fund improvements to the City's Skate Park. These improvements will include additional equipment for the park such as ramps and amenities such as benches and shade trees. We are in need of input regarding usage of the park.
1. Have you or a family member ever used the Skate Park at Kiwanis Park?
2. How do you use the skate park (select all that apply)
3. What is the age of those that use the park?
4. How often do you or a family member use the park?
5. The City of Lake Wales would like to apply for a grant to add more features to the park such as ramps or amenities such as benches. What new features would you prefer to have included?
6. Any additional comments?
You may complete the survey at or return it to the City of Lake Wales at 201 W. Central Ave. Lake Wales Florida 33853. Call Jennifer at 863-678-4182x270.
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