School Facilities Services Maintenance Template & Capital Improvement Software User Evaluation 2010

1. MAINTENANCE - Maine School Facilities Maintenance Plan (MeSFMP) - Template

1. Survey Identifier - To assure a representative sample and avoid duplicate entries, we ask you to answer one preliminary question. What is the name of your School Administrative Unit or School Union?
2. Maintenance – How would you rate the Maine School Facilities Maintenance Plan (MeSFMP) Templates? (select one)
3. Maintenance – Which position is responsible for managing maintenance data at your school? (select one)
4. Maintenance – Which maintenance information does your school track? (select all that apply)
5. Maintenance – Does your school write, or have on file, a Maintenance Plan and update it each year? (select one)
6. Maintenance – What type of maintenance training would be most beneficial to your district? (select one)
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