OTI Web Site Feedback Survey

Thank you for visiting the Office Teaching Initiatives website. We would like to know if the homepage design was helpful to you in finding the information you needed. We are interested in your feedback. Please complete this survey to let us know how we are doing. Your answers will help the Office Teaching Initiatives to improve our customer service.
1. Select the term that best describes you from the drop down menu.
2. Select the primary reason you visited the Office of Intiatives website today from the drop down menu.
3. Please use the check box to rate the Office of Teaching Initiatives web site.
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The presentation of the OTI Home page was helpful?
It was easy to navigate the website from the homepage.
I easily found links to the information I needed on the homepage.
I easily found the link to the instructions and/or forms for which I was looking on the homepage.
I easily found the link to verify an educator's certification on the homepage.
It was easy to find the information I was looking for.
The web site provided an answer to my question.
I visit the OTI web site regularly.
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Thank you for taking the survey.

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