OMECO Residency Survey

1. What is your AOA number?
2. What is your residency status?
OGME training year
3. What is your residency training specialty?
4. What is your residency location?
5. Please rate each of the following program elements using the scale provided.
InadequateSomewhat adequate but needs workNeutralAdequateExceeds expectationsN/A
Access to Director of Medical Education
Access to Program Director
Availability of attending physicians for supervision
Appropriateness of full-time faculty teaching for my needs
Frequency of feedback regarding my performance
Quality of feedback regarding my performance
Number of administrative staff supporting the program
Quality of administrative staff supporting the program
Participation of OPTI (OMECO) support of the program
6. I have received the goals and objectives of the program:
7. I am requested to sign-in at departmental conferences?
8. Please rate each of the following statements regarding educational opportunities and program evaluation:
Completely inadequateFairly adequate but needs workNeutralAdequateExceeds expectationsN/A
Opportunities to participate in research
Opportunities to evaluate the training program
Opportunities to evaluate program faculty
Overall quality of the educational experience
Frequency of didactic programs
Attendance by program director & attendings at didactic programs
Overall quality of didactic programs in your residency
9. Please rate each of the following statements related to patient care:
Completely inadequateFairly adequate but needs improvementNeutralAdequateExceeds expectationsN/A
Number of patients necessary to meet educational needs
Variability of patients to meet educational needs
Size of patient load in hospital
Opportunity to learn procedures relevant to my training area
10. Please rate the following statements regarding your work schedule:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly AgreeN/A
Call duties average no more than 1 of 3 nights (average over 4 week period)
One day a week (on average) is free of clinical responsibility
My average workweek does not exceed 80 hours (4 week average)
There is an appropriate balance between patient care activities and education
11. Please respond to the following statements regarding supervision and/or consultation:
Completely inadequateInadequateNeutralAdequateExceeds expectationsN/A
Availability of faculty supervision on all rotations
Availability of supervision by senior residents/fellows on all rotations
Appropriateness of responsibilities to my level of training
Positive interactions with residents from other specialties
Positive interactions with faculty from other specialties
12. What are the best aspects of this residency program?
13. If you could change one thing about this residency it would be . . . .
14. I would suggest the following changes to our curriculum . . .
15. Please rank the following factors in order of importance when you consider future practice opportunities with "1" being the most important and "9" the least important.
Geographic location
Adequate call/coverage/personal time
Good financial package
Proximity to family
Good medical facilities/equipment
Specialty support
Low malpractice area
Education loan forgiveness
16. Based on population, in what size community would you most like to practice?
17. How prepared are you to handle the "business side" of your medical career, including employment contracts, compensation arrangements, and other facets of employment?
18. What causes you the most concern as you enter your first professional practice? Please rank the following with "1" being most important and "11" being least important:
Availability of free time
Dealing with payers (Medicare, etc.)
Earning a good income
Health reform
Educational debt
Ability to find a practice
Insufficient practice management knowledge
Insufficient medical knowledge and skills
Insufficient surgical experience and skills
Dealing with patients
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