Environmental Leader's 2014 Insider Knowledge Report

Submission Deadline: March 10, 2014

Environmental Leader invites you to share the results of a sustainability initiative, environmental or energy management lesson or other insight you gained during the past year for our annual Insider Knowledge Report.

The free report will be indexed by author's name and by the company the author works for. A company URL can also be included. If you prefer to submit anonymously, that's fine too.

Your story can be as short as a paragraph or as long as 750 words. Stories may be edited for clarity or length.

What are good subjects?

- A test or implementation that worked better (or worse) than anticipated.

- Lessons learned about specific tactics, such as onsite generation, building retrofits, sustainable supply chain initiatives, emission prevention, water conservation, etc.

- Workplace stories - such as hiring, budgeting, green team activities, auditing & reporting, office politics, etc.

You can download last year's report here:
We want to identify who gave us this great information, so please provide the name, job title, company and URL of the person who should be credited. For anonymous entries, just write "anonymous" in each box below.
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Please enter your story here - which could be as short as a paragraph or two or up to 750 words. If we use your story, we may edit for spelling, length or clarity. All submitted stories become the property of Environmental Leader LLC. Selected stories will be printed in our Insider Knowledge Report, which will be distributed free-of-charge.