Tanning Survey

Indoor Tanning Poll

How old are you?
Have you ever gone indoor tanning?
Do you still go?
How often do you go?
How old were you when you started tanning indoors?
Do you know about the dangers of indoor tanning?
Did you know about the dangers when you first started tanning?
If you used to tan but don't anymore, why did you stop? (Check all that apply.)
If you still tan, why do you do it? (Check all that apply.)
Has a person working at a tanning salon ever told you that indoor tanning is safe and didn't cause skin cancer?
Have you always been told to wear protective eyewear?
Have you ever gotten a burn from indoor tanning?
If you indoor tan regularly, what would get you to stop? (Check all that apply.)
Are you familiar with Cosmo's Practice Safe Sun Campaign?
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