1. What is your affiliation with First Presbyterian Church, Norfolk?
Never VisitedVisited OnceRegular VisitorActive Member
Rate your response to this question.
2. Which part or parts of the PRA-X-IS Experiment did you participate in?
Did not participateCompleted some of the practiceCompleted half of the practiceCompleted most of the practiceCompleted all of the practice
P – Prayed for the Entire World (Prayed for nations for 35 days)
R – Read through the Entire Word (Read the Bible in 90 days)
A – Add to the Community (Participate Friendship Evangelism challenge: prayed for, shared faith story, spiritual conversation, invitation)
I – Invest in the Kingdom (Took the 4 month Tithe challenge)
S – Send Yourself to the Nations (Will spend 2% of this year [169 hours] in service to the poor)
3. If you would like your score tabulated so that you can assess your placement on our Spiritual Growth Map, please provide your email address.
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