Adult 50+ Trips 2011 Survey

1. Select An Activity
2. Are you a Goodyear resident?
3. How did you learn about the trip?
4. What is your preferred method of registration?
5. Please rate the following areas.
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The group leaders were friendly and professional
The group leaders were organized and knowledgeable
The group leaders communicated effectively
The location was appropriate
The length of time was appropriate
The trip was a good value for the money
Registration was easy
Office staff was friendly and helpful
6. Please tell us your comments about the above areas.
7. How beneficial was this activity to you in the following ways:
Very beneficialBeneficialSomewhat BeneficialNot very BeneficialNot at all Beneficial
Seeing new places
Building self confidence
Meeting new people
Enjoying new experiences
8. Would you attend another trip offered by the City of Goodyear Recreation Office?
9. What type of trips are you interested in?
In-Valley day tripOut-of Valley day tripOut-of-Valley overnight tripOut-of-state overnight trip
Maximum Spending Price
10. Choose your preferred mode of transportation.
11. Please tell us your comments on transportation.
12. Please tell us any additional comments about Adult 50+ Trips.
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