Pavement Preservation on I-95

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Pavement Preservation is a preventive maintenance program that involves repaving the roadway in order to extend its service life. The subject project on Interstate 95, between Guilford and Old Saybrook, involved two different types of Pavement Preservation. The first type of preservation, applied between exits 58 and 65 and between exits 68 and 69, consisted of the removal (milling) of the top 3 inches of roadway followed by repaving using Warm-Mix Asphalt technology. Warm-Mix Asphalt is a process by which the pavement is not required to reach such high temperatures to be placed on the roadway, making compaction easier (resulting in better performance and reduced greenhouse gas emissions), reducing paving costs, and extending the paving season. The second type of preservation, applied between exits 65 and 68, consisted of using an Ultra-thin pavement to create a smoother riding surface that reduces friction, rain splash, and noise. Construction for this project began in June 2012 and was completed in September 2013.
The following survey is being distributed to determine the overall satisfaction of the traveling public regarding the Pavement Preservation project on I-95 in the Towns of the Guilford, Madison, Clinton, Westbrook and Old Saybrook.
1. Please complete the following (optional)
2. How familiar are you with Pavement Preservation?
3. For roads that you travel often, do you prefer less frequent but longer duration projects (1-2 year of road construction every 13-15 years) or more frequent but quicker projects (2 weeks to 2 months of road construction every 10-12 years)?
4. This project incorporated warm mix asphalt (WMA) technology. WMA is similar to traditional hot mix asphalt but it is 25 to 100 degrees cooler than the normal production pavement temperature. How familiar are you with the WMA technology?
5. In areas where the existing pavement was "ground off" (top 3 inches removed), how would you rate the ride quality of the "ground off" surface before the surface was repaved compared to other similar state paving jobs?
6. In areas where the existing pavement was ground off(top 3 inches removed), how would you rate the turnaround time to repave the roadway?
7. How would you rate the ride quality of the new pavement compared to the previous pavement before construction?
8. How would you rate the Department of Transportation in minimizing the traffic disruption during construction of this project?
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