JUNE MEDICAL JUNE MEDICAL: Training Questionnaire

Thank you for your recent training enquiry
At JUNE MEDICAL we are keen to support you effectively
We would be delighted if you would take a couple of moments to provide some additional information.
Once submitted, we will be in touch very soon.
1. Please provide your details:
2. Are you currently carrying out any incontinence and or prolapse procedures?
3. If you answered yes to Q1, please provide details of the products you currently use
4. What product(s) are you currently looking to train on?
5. What is your current level of knowledge and understanding of the product(s) you wish to train on?
6. Have you attended any previous Women's Health trainings on the AMS products?
7. Why are you interested in being trained at this stage?
8. Who else in your hospital would also require training? (please enter names and positions)
9. What number of procedures do you carry out per year?
10. Please provide any additional information, specific to yourself, which JUNE MEDICAL should be aware of in the planning process of your training event (e.g. flexibility to travel, availability)
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