Governors Challenge 2013

1. Where are you from?
2. How many years have you attended the holiday basketball tournament (including this year)?
3. How many days did you attend the event?
4. How long did you stay at the tournament for per day (on average)?
5. Did you spend the night in a hotel?
6. How did you hear about the tournament (select all that apply):
7. Please rate the following based on your experiences during the Governor's Challenge
Very GoodGoodNeutralPoorVery PoorN/A
Ease of Ticket Buying Experience
Value Received v Cost of Ticket
Customer Service Received at the Event (ticket tackers, ushers, etc.)
Cleanliness of the Venue
Level of Competition
Fan Activities
8. Did you purchase food/beverages from the concession stands while at the Civic Center
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