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We strongly suggest reviewing the complete descriptions of teams of interest before making your selections here. This information is available in the PHC Team Catalog, available in the Learning Community Suites or online on the PHC website at http://umassmed.edu/PageFiles/27208/PHC_TeamCatalog2014.pdf
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Asthma in Southern Worcester County: Impact and interventions
Awareness of testicular cancer in young men (Carlisle)
Caring for adults with intellectual disabilities
Correctional health
Cost containment: The next frontier in health care reform
Elder abuse prevention on Martha's Vineyard (preference given to Rural Health Scholars)
End of life care
Even one is too many: Reducing disparities in infant mortality among Ghanaian women
Fall and injury prevention and recovery amongst the elderly and frail on rural Cape Cod
Geriatrics: Fall prevention for older adults
Health care for the homeless
Hector Reyes House: Serving the needs of Latino men
How do I feed my family tonight? Food, health and access within our community
Incarcerated and urban working poor
Injury prevention: Programs to prevent injury from trauma in all age groups
Integrative medicine in cancer care
Latinos living with HIV in Lawrence
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities
Living with disabilities
Medical-legal partnership for refugee health
Parenting & family stability
Patient engagement and chronic disease self-management (Mashpee)
Patients with HIV/AIDS in Southeastern MA (New Bedford)
People with serious mental illness: Recovery-oriented peer supported services
Teen sexual health education (Barre)
Veterans' health
Worcester Department of Public Health
Worcester Head Start Program
Worcester’s faces and places: Family Health Center Worcester
YWCA Central MA community worker challenges
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Heather-Lyn Haley, PhD, Family Medicine and Community Health
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