Pneumatic Finish Guns

Every carpenter and cabinet maker uses finish nailers. Which type do you use and what features are important to you?

1. Which pneumatic finish tool do you use the most? (choose one only)
2. Which brand of 15-gauge finish nailer do you own? (choose all that apply)
3. Which type of 15-gauge finish nail do you prefer? (choose one only)
4. Which brand of 16-gauge finish nailer do you own? (choose all that apply)
5. Which type of collation does your 16-gauge finish nailer have? (choose all that apply)
6. Which brand of 18-gauge finish nailer do you own? (choose all that apply)
7. Which brand of 23-gauge pinner do you own? (choose all that apply)
8. How important are each of these features to you? [on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being unimportant and 5 being very important]
Oil-less operation
Belt hook
Built-in light
Tool-less depth of drive adjustment
Dry-fire lockout (won’t fire when empty)
Case or bag
Built-in air blower
Adjustable exhaust
Rear exhaust
Built-in filter
Swivel air fitting
9. What is your primary trade? (choose one only)
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