OWASP Project Reboot - Donation Request

1. Hello OWASP Chapter Leader.
Please help OWASP produce better projects and tools by donating a percentage of your chapter funds to the OWASP Projects Reboot Project 2012.


We hope to get Chapter, Corporate and Individual donations to fund taking our projects to the next level. We hope to make our projects more visible, higher quality and more relevant to developers and security practitioners alike.
So, we ask you to consider helping the Reboot Project which shall help the foundation with its mission and goals.

This is not mandatory, and if you do not wish to donate that is fine also.

Firstly, can you select which chapter you lead?
2. Secondly:
How much of your current chapter funds will you donate to this project?
This is a one-time donation which shall help the OWASP foundation develop some great projects and also get more people across the globe using them.

Current chapter balances can be found here:

You can make a % donation or use the field below to specify a dollar amount ($ USD):
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