O.N.E.-STOP Survey

This survey is for former participants of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's O.N.E.-STOP Centers. This is your opportunity to relay information about your experiences before and after release learning about and obtaining employment.
1. Please provide your full name:
2. What county do you reside in?
3. List the last inmate number on which you were released:
4. Are you employed?
If you are employed, please answer questions 5 thru 10, if not please proceed to question 11.
5. What industry did you obtain employment in? (Please select the closest one that relates to your job.)
6. Where are you employed?
7. What is your job title?
8. What wage are you making? (Please fill out just one.)
9. Is your job full-time or part-time?
10. How long after you were released did it take you to find employment?
11. Prior to release, did you use the Ohio Reentry Connections (OhioMeansJobs) computers available in the DRC Libraries?
12. Prior to release, did you have an opportunity to utilize the O.N.E.-STOP (Offender Network for Employment to STOP Recidivism) services at your correctional institution?
13. Please tell us about your experience using the O.N.E.-STOP services. Did it help you get employed? Were there specific services that helped you more than others? Do you have any suggestions for services that were not available?
14. After release, did you visit your local One-Stop Center?
15. If you used the local One-Stop Center after release, did it help you find a job?
16. Please comment on your experience using your local One-Stop Center after you were released.
17. Do you have any additional thoughts, suggestions or comments you would like to share?
This information will help us to evaluate and determine future services that will help formerly incarcerated individuals get employed!
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