Oracle NoSQL Database Feature Survey

Oracle NoSQL Database Future Features

The NoSQL Database team wants to hear from you!

What follows is a list of potential features that we're considering for future Oracle NoSQL Database releases. We'd like your feedback on this list, comments about how you use NoSQL Database and suggestions for additional features that you would like to see in the future that may not already be on our list. Although we are very interested in hearing your opinion, this survey does not constitute a commitment to implement any of the features listed below.

This survey is specifically for the Oracle NoSQL Database product. It is not intended to address features for any other Oracle products, including Berkeley DB.

Your feedback is very valuable to us. Thank you for taking the time to consider this survey and to fill it out. If you have any comments or questions about the survey itself, please leave those in the Final Comments box on the last page of the survey.

Thank you very much,

Oracle NoSQL Database Product Management
1. The NoSQL Database team is considering the following features. For each feature, please indicate the relative importance of that feature for you.

Absolutely Do ThisVery InterestingOKNot Very InterestingDon't Bother
Admin: Support for automated online rolling upgrades across storage nodes.
Admin: Multiple Data Center support, with primary VS secondary designated Data Centers.
Admin: Ability to remove storage nodes from a cluster.
Admin: General backup and restore improvements.
Admin: Add detection of data partition "hot spots".
Integration: Oracle Enterprise Manager integration.
Integration: Oracle Coherence integration.
Integration: Oracle Enterprise R integration.
Integration: Oracle Access Manager integration.
Integration: Schema management introspection integration (HCatalog for example).
Integration: Integration with Apache Hive with query predicate push-down.
Integration: Integration with a generic SQL-like driver JDBC, ODBC or ADO.NET). Please specify additional details in the box below.
Integration: Certify Oracle NoSQL Database JMX with Ganglia.
Integration: Oracle Universal Installer (Fusion Middleware) integration.
Data Mgmt: Add support for user-defined data partitioning.
Data Mgmt: Add support for database compaction.
Data Mgmt: Add support for automatic data aging (deletion) based on some criteria (time-to-live or disk quota, for example).
Data Mgmt: Multi-tenancy support.
Indexing: Add support for Secondary index searches.
Indexing: Add support for Spatial (R-Tree) indexes over geo-spatial typed data.
Indexing: Add support for Full Text index searches, which may include support for stemming, stop words, regular expressions and wildcard searches.
APIs: Provide a JDBC/ODBC driver
APIs: Additional language bindings (in addition to C and Java). Please specify additional details in the box below.
APIs: A RESTful API to enable data access over HTTP.
APIs: A Thrift API.
Query API: Add a SQL-like query language and API.
Query API: Add a JSON-like query expression language and API.
Query API: Add an UNQL-like query language and API.
Query API: Add support for higher level operations like increments, decrements, query limits. Please specify additional details in the box below.
HA: Add support for always-available writes, even if a shard is completely offline, with eventual consistency.
HA: Add support for simple 2-node replication groups with a designated tie-breaker node.
HA: Add notification triggers. Allow applications to know when a certain key-value pair changes.
Security: Add support for user authentication.
Security: Add support for user role and tag or label-based data access control for records and fields.
Security: Add support for Data Encryption.
Security: Add support for wire-level replication encryption between nodes.
Security: Add an API to provide an audit log.
Security: Add support for Kerberos Authentication.
Perf: Add support for automated parallel scans across key ranges.
Perf: Add support for Datapump format for Oracle Database External Tables.
Perf: Add a level-2 cache support using SSDs.
Perf: Support for a Bulk Insert API and Bulk Load operations.
Perf: Add a cache pre-warming function to read indexes on storage node start-up or restore.
Perf: Add partition migration I/O throttling controls.
Extensibility: Support for user-defined functions (written in Java only).
Extensibility: Support for user-defined functions (written in non-Java languages).
Platforms: Certify Oracle NoSQL Database on Windows.
Ease of Use: Add support for a sequence or GUID generator.
Ease of Use: Add a command to automatically generate an Oracle Database External Table definition.
Ease of Use: Add a Command Line Interface or tool run run simple CRUD commands (create, retrieve, update, delete opertations).
Ease of Use: Add cause and possible corrective action for every exception.
Ease of Use: Add video and Oracle-by-Example tutorials. Please specify additional details in the box below.
General performance and throughput enhancements. Please specify additional details in the box below.
General documentation and examples enhancements. Please specify additional details in the box below.
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