New Student Housing Contract and Assignment Request


The Department of Residence Life welcomes you to our New Student Housing Contract and Assignment Request. In order to provide the most meaningful residential experience, we need you to complete this form truthfully and thoroughly. Doing so will help us assign you to the best possible residence hall and roommate.

If there are any questions, please contact us at or 704-337-2293.
1. Room Cost
Students will be billed for room according to the room type to which they are assigned.

Apartment Style (North)
Double: $5800 per year/$2900 per semester
Single: $7100 per year/$3550 per semester

Corridor Style (Albright, Barnhardt, & HBO)
Double: $6700 per year/$3350 per semester
Single: $8720 per year/$4360 per semester

Hayes Suite Style
Double: $6700 per year/$3350 per semester

Wireman Suite Style
Double: $7246 per year/$3623 per semester
Single: $9312 per year/$4656 per semester

Super Suite Style (South)
Double: $7530 per year/$3765 per semester
Single: $9832 per year/$4916 per semester

Roommate Selection
If you are requesting a roommate, both roommates must complete the form by July 1 and both must request the other roommate. If that is done, we will do our best to grant the request.

I acknowledge and agree to abide by the above information
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