Winter 2014 Professional Responsibility Class

1. Professional Responsibility Interest Inventory

Welcome to the Professional Responsibility class! I look forward to our working together this semester. Please never hesitate to ask question, provide feedback, or share your learning.

Before our first class, please complete this survey. There are nine questions. I will use this information in two ways: first, it helps me get to know each of you a little better and, second, I use this information to tailor assignments to your practice area. Your individual responses will be seen only by me. Also, please go to the course website on TWEN and read the course syllabus and policies.
1. Please enter your FIRST AND LAST NAME. If your name is given to being mis-pronounced, please give me a hint (phonetic spelling, "rhymes with", etc.)
2. What kind of experience do you have working in the legal profession? In answering these questions, include volunteer as well as paid experience.
3. In thinking about your future career, which type of practice appeals to you more:
4. Which client group would you prefer to represent:
5. Check up to THREE fields of law in which you would most prefer to practice:
6. In what setting would you most like to practice?
7. What are your plans for the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam
8. Students comes to the Professional Responsibility course with a variety of learning objectives and expectations. Listed below are some of the objectives students in previous semesters have stated as their primarily learning goals for the course. Please indicate the extent to which each of these statements accurately describes your own learning goals for this course and add any other learning goals you have:
Not a learning objective in this courseAn unimportant or tangential learning objective in this courseAn important learning objective in this courseA critical learning objective in this course
Spot and resolve common ethics issues in practice
Find and interpret rules of professional conduct and other law regulating attorneys
Implement basic practice management skills necessary for ethical practice
Communicate with clients and others in writing and orally in ways that conform with ethical standards
Be more confident about my ability to have a successful and fulfilling legal career
Earn a grade in the top 10% of the class
Earn an above-average grade in the class
9. What, besides law study, occupies your time and enthusiasm?
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