How you use anime/manga sites

1. How important do you consider these items on your favorite anime/manga site?

Please rank them in order, with 1 being the most important. Please quickly fill this out according to your first instincts for the most effective results.
Watch anime videos (or read manga) online
Create/maintain anime and manga lists
Buy (or get links to buy) anime/manga
Get staff (director, producer, etc) data
Get character data
View screenshots
Get reviews
View list stats (% of list per tag, % per staff, etc)
Connect to other social sites (facebook 'like' button, tweet button, FB/twitter apps, etc)
Get info about local events (cons, meetups, etc)
Participate in clubs
Connect with friends
Get info on upcoming season anime
Find anime/manga by tags
Compatibility with other users/friends
Read industry/editorial articles/columns
Quality content (moderated recommendations, unique synopses, etc)
Get voice actor data
Participate in discussions
Read industry news
Get recommendations
Earn achievements/badges
Browse/get info on current season anime
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