Dartmouth Grad Externship Program 2013

September 26, 2013

Dear Graduate Alum,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Dartmouth graduate community to ask if you would be willing to host a graduate student for a daylong externship at your place of work during the month of December 2013. We would like to be able to help current Dartmouth graduate students who wish to explore their career options gain insight in the skills, organizational culture, and work environments related to occupations. These experiences have been found to be highly influential in determining students’ career choices, and both alums and students have given overwhelming positive feedback.

A daylong externship could include the following:
*Describing your occupation and career path
*Describing the mission of your organization, its operating principles, culture and values.
*Conversations with junior and senior staff, who can describe their daily tasks, key skills of their job and career path to that job.
* Providing feedback on the student’s resume
*Attendance at meetings

If time permits, it would be valuable to have a 'de-briefing' conversation at the end of the shadow day to talk about the student's understanding of their externship experience.

Externships are a great opportunity to connect with current graduate students and offer your valuable experience. They also provide a way for alumni to reflect on their Dartmouth experience. I do hope you will participate. I will be announcing the Grad Alumni Externship options to our students in November. Students will sign up in the Graduate Studies Office to obtain details regarding their “host.” They will be instructed to e-mail their host, followed by a telephone call, to schedule a convenient date/time for the externship. Your being selected will depend on a student's interest, geographic proximity, and schedule. Students will be provided with information on protocols for communicating with you and what to expect in an externship experience.

If you are interested in participating in this program please fill out a brief questionnaire by November 1 at, so that we may obtain your contact information, position, and employer. If you signed-up last year, there is no need to sign-up again unless your information has changed. Several grad alumni mentioned they would like to participate, but could not host a graduate student in December. If that’s the case for you, I would encourage you to sign-up and then work out the best time that works for you and the graduate student.
I am hopeful that many graduate alumni will generously give some of their time to help current graduate students in their career exploration!


Kerry Landers
Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs

P.S. To read about the successful externship program go to the Graduate Forum at

1. Please fill in the following information
2. Maximum number of grad students you are able to host for one day at your place of work.
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