Just one question: What do IT Leaders Want?

Look for the full results to be published in cioinsight.com next week.
Of the following items, pick your top three choices for what you most want from your professional career?
First placeSecond placeThird place
I want to be more influential
I want to work on interesting technology projects
I want to be appreciated
I want less stress in my work life
I want to learn new things
I want to run a portion of the company
I want to make more money
I want a promotion
I want a seat at the table
I want more respect
I want to run a bigger group
I want to attend more industry events
I want bigger professional challenges
I want more free time
I want greater professional development
I want to spend more time with my family
Which of the following choices best describes your current role?
Would you like to be kept abreast of research in this area of IT leadership?