Ares Feedback: Instructor

1. Did you use Blackboard Learn for accessing course material this term?
2. On a scale of one through ten, how easy was it to start the process and place reserve requests?
3. On a scale of one through ten, how easy was it to find your reserves after they were processed?
4. Did you find statistical information available on reserves usage useful?
5. Did you use the tagging feature?
6. What did you like most about the system?
7. What did you like least about the system?
8. What could be changed to make the system better?
9. Reserve requests are processed in order of receipt and it is suggested that requests are submitted at least two weeks before they are needed. Were your materials processed in time?
10. Did you attend a training session for the reserves system?
11. What type of training session did you attend?
12. How could we improve the training process?
13. Did you find the video/pfd helpful?
14. What, if anything, would you like added to the training regimen?
15. On a scale of one through ten, how would you rate the new reserve system overall?
16. Are you aware of Drexel University Libraries' Fair Use Policy?
17. Do you consider the Libraries' Fair Use Policy to be clear?
18. May we contact you to answer follow up questions regarding Ares?
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