All 2014 NAYRHL Officials are required to complete the following online test by April 15.
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Please answer the following 15 questions based on your knowledge of the 2014 NAYRHL Rules. Each question requires an answer before you can submit your test.
The NAYRHL requires each team to have a minimum of 4 skaters and 1 goaltender dressed in goalie gear to start a legal game.
Each player must wear elbow pads and shin guards as part of their mandatory equipment to participate in a NAYRHL sanctioned game.
Once a player commits two minor penalties, they will be ejected from the game.
All players must wear matching jerseys and have a number that matches the legal NAYRHL roster.
If a game ends in a tie at the end of regulation, the result is a tie. No shoot-out is required to determine a winner.
Player from Team 1 takes a penalty at 1:50 of the first period. Player from team 2 takes a penalty at 2:15 of the first period, a goal is scored at 3:00 of the first period. The referee rules that since each team had a player in the penalty box serving their time, no change of man power shall result.
Officials may speak to both teams prior to the start of any NAYRHL game and if agreed by both teams and officials play with a hockey ball.
Officials should sign the scoresheet at the conclusion of each game.
Player from team 1 crosschecks a player from team 2 in the head viciously. The official decides this a major penalty. The official also attaches a game misconduct to the major penalty, because all major penalties carry an automatic game misconduct.
Player from Team 1 receives a game misconduct in game 1 of a two game set. That player is permitted to play in game 2.
Players are permitted to participate in NAYRHL sanctioned games without elbow pads.
Officials may officiate NAYRHL games without a helmet.
Officials who give a player a game misconduct should file a report with the NAYRHL as soon as their games end for the day.
A goaltender may skate the puck over the red line and take a shot at the opponents goal.
Officials should always use their best judgement, be fair and concise with all decisions during NAYRHL games.
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