2014 NACE Student Survey

1. What college/university do you currently attend (please be sure enter your full school name)?
2. What state is your college/university located in?
3. Please indicate your current class level
4. Will you receive your degree by August 31, 2014?
5. In which of the following subject areas is your major?
6. Which of the following best describes the reason you chose your current major?
7. During this academic year, how often have you interacted with Career Services either by visiting the office or going online?
8. Please rate the following career services in terms of their helpfulness in your job search or career planning.
1 (very helpful)2 (somewhat helpful)3 (not very helpful)4 (not at all helpful)5 (did not use)
Individual career counseling
Resume writing/reviewing assistance
Career skills testing and career assessments
Job search assistance
Internship/co-op search assistance
Practice interview sessions
Career or employment workshops
Researching a potential employer
Using career center job listings
9. Please rate your interest in pursuing the following careers?
Not of any interestNot very interestedVery interestedExtremely interested
Work in a professional capacity for a private sector firm
Work in a professional capacity for a nonprofit organization
Work in the medical/healthcare sector
Teach at the elementary or secondary level
Teach at a college or university
Work in the federal government
Work in state or local government
Have a career in the military
Own and manage your own business
Work as a performing artist
10. Immediately after graduation, I plan to: (Select one response only.)