Raising Intelligent Children

1. What city do you currently live in?
2. Professional Detail
3. How old is your child(ren)?
Please answer the questions below for children age Newborn - 6 years old
OR for when your children WERE in such age group
For INFANTS and babies younger than age of 1, please enter the number 7
For ASPIRING parents, please enter the number 8
4. When it comes to your child's development, what types of educational tools are most important to you? Rank in order of importance.
Interactive/online tools: apps, dvd's, computer programs, etc
Developmental tools: puzzles, blocks, sorters, sensory toys, musical instruments, art
Nutritional advice/expertise
5. How do you find/research information on educational tools? Please rank in order of importance.
Online shopping sites
Your immediate family
on Television
Other moms/dads/friends
6. Who's opinion do you respect most when it comes to gaining advice on how to raise an intelligent child? Please rank in order of importance.
Your parents
Your spouses parents
Moms who have first hand experience raising intelligent children
Child intelligence/Behavior researchers
7. Is your child enrolled in any extra-curricular classes or activities? Select all that apply. (if your child is too young for these activities yet, select those that you plan to enroll your child in)
8. How many hours a day does your child spend on educational activities?
9. How many hours a day do you spend with your children on educational activities?
10. On a scale from 1-5, how "in the know" do you feel when it comes to strategies for helping your child grow up to be "brilliant"?
11. What does "Brilliance" mean to you?
12. If there was a monthly service that provided educational tools to help you raise a more intelligent child, how much would you pay for it?
13. And if you did subscribe to this service, how should your package be customized?
14. Do you currently subscribe to any monthly box sites?
15. If you answered yes to Question 14, which monthly box(es) do you subscribe to?
16. When you shop for educational items for your child, where do you currently shop?
17. Please provide us with your name and e-mail address if you'd like to enter a raffle to win a $50 Visa Gift Card...
18. Who referred you to this survey?
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