Bicycle Safety

1. Please rank the following features in your rank of preference that you believe would be helpful for a bicycle safety accessory to have, to prevent/deal with accidents while riding a bicycle (1 meaning highest importance)
Visual alert (i.e. wirelessly connected blinking LED light on your handlebar for the cyclist to show that a vehicle is approaching)
Audio alert (i.e. electric horn to warn the vehicle behind in case the vehicle is too close to the bicycle)
Video (i.e. for recording purposes to show it to the insurance company in case of an unpreventable accident)
2. If you had all those features in one device, how much would you pay?
3. If you don’t want to have some of the features from above, would you like to have the option for a cheaper model by excluding some of the features?
4. If you can buy this device in either retail or online stores, which would you prefer?
5. In a bicycle safety accessory, please rank the following considerations to your own preference
Visual Design
Safety functionality
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