Customer Satisfaction Survey 2014

Please take a moment to answer a brief survey about the library. All questions are optional. Your participation is appreciated!
1. Do you have a library card?
2. On average, how often do you visit the library?
3. How would you rate each of the followling library services?
Customer Service
Collection (books, DVDs, music, newspapers, etc.)
Programs (classes, storytimes, etc.)
Online services (website, catalog, e-books,etc.)
ILL (inter-library loan)
Library policies
Computers and printers
Internet access
Hours of operation
Overall, how would you rate the library?
4. How important is each of the following library services to you?
Borrowing materials (books, DVDs, music, etc.)
Reference (research assistance from librarians)
Programs (classes, storytimes, etc.)
Computers and printers
Help using computers, printers, etc.
Study rooms/reading areas
Community meeting rooms
Internet access
ILL (Inter-library loan)
Online services (website, catalog, e-books, etc.)
Newspapers and magazines
Movies and music
Overall, how important is the library to you and your family?
5. What do you value most about the library?
6. How could the library or its services be improved, if at all?
7. How does the library benefit you or the community?
8. Please share any other thoughts that you think might be helpful to us serving you better.
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