Monroe Community Center Facility Survey

The Town of Monroe is currently pursuing an arrangement with the Kimball Group to have them lease the Chalk Hill building and operate it as a Community Center. The town would make an operating cost contribution and various town departments would continue to stay at the Chalk Hill facility. The town’s contribution is $150,000 annually (the amount currently budgeted by the town to “mothball” or close the building). The Kimball Group would pay any costs which exceed the town’s contribution and if the Community Center is financially successful, a profit sharing model between the Town and the Kimball group would be in place that could reduce the town’s contribution to zero and potentially create revenue for the town.

In pursuing this Public-Private Partnership model, various town departments would be housed in Chalk Hill and the number, as well as variety, of programs to be offered will increase. The focus of potential tenants that are being pursued has been on Education, Recreation, Wellness, and the Arts, but we need your help as a community member. If you could please take 5 minutes to provide feedback as to a variety of activities that are being explored, as well as supply the committee with any questions or concerns about a Community Center, it would be greatly appreciated. Results will be shared with the public through local media and in a January Town Council meeting, and all feedback and/or suggestions will be reviewed.
1. Activities for the disabled
2. Activities for children with special needs
3. Adventure activities
4. Environmental educational programs
5. Bingo
6. Gardening/composting programs
7. Community garden
8. Hiking trails
9. Teen center
10. Birthday party room rentals
11. After school programs
12. ‘No school day’ drop in camps
13. Foreign Language for children
14. Foreign Language for adults
15. DIY Home programs (home repair, flooring installations, power tool intro)
16. Babysitting training
17. CPR training
18. EMS training
19. CERT training
20. Ultimate Frisbee
21. Frisbee Golf
22. Flag Football
23. Floor Hockey
24. Badminton
25. Volleyball
26. Sports clinics
27. Mini-Golf
28. Ice Skating
29. Yoga for Kids
30. Couch to 5K fitness program
31. P90X fitness program
32. Cheer program
33. Painting (different mediums)
34. Pottery
35. Photography
36. Performing Arts (theatre, voice, performance dance)
37. Community chorus
38. Community band
39. Dog obedience training
40. Cooking classes
41. Would you like to see rental space made available for educational resources such as Birth to 3, tutoring, SAT 1:1 prep?
42. Would you utilize a meeting space for a nominal fee?
43. Would you be interested in seeing second run movies here similar to that of Newtown’s Edmond Town Hall?
44. Would you be interested in attending performances such as comedy shows, community chorus, townwide talent show?
45. What would you NOT like to see put into the Community Center? (programs, tenants, etc)
46. What programs would you like to see offered in the Community Center?
47. What concerns do you have about a Community Center that can be addressed in upcoming articles?
48. How would you like to receive updates on the progress of a community center being established?
49. Additional Comments:
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