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1. What is your gender?
2. What is your age?
3. Which game systems you presently own? (select all that apply)
4. What game systems or add-ons you plan to buy in the next 12 months? (select all that apply)
5. How many console games do you currently own?
6. How many PC games do you currently own?
7. How many mobile (smartphone/tablet/etc.) games do you currently own?
8. Do you pre-order video games?
9. What percentage of games that you purchase are pre-ordered?
10. How many console games do you buy per month on average?
11. How many mobile (smartphones/tablets/etc.) games do you download on average per month?
12. What is the average amount of time you spend gaming each week?
13. What sources do you use to obtain information about gaming? (select all that apply)
14. What print gaming magazines do your read? (check all that apply)
15. Which gaming websites to you visit regularly? (check all that apply)
16. Have you purchased a game based on something you have read in a game magazine?
17. Have you purchased a game based on something you have read on a website?
18. Have you purchased a game based on an advertisement you have seen?
19. Have you offered, or been asked for, advice on which games to play?
20. List the types of games that you play. (check all that apply)
21. Do you play any of these types of games regularly? (check all that apply)
22. How do you primarily acquire games?
23. List all the places you acquire games. (check all that apply)
24. How often do you get gaming information from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter?
25. What is your average household income? (optional)
26. What do you like most about the content on EGMNOW and the EGM Facebook Feeds?
27. Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about EGMNOW? Let us know here!

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