Service-Learning Pre-Service Student Survey

1. As a college student have you had any prior Service-Learning experience?
2. If yes, please describe (e.g project, class, instructor, etc.)
3. Why did you enroll in this class?
4. Do you have concerns about the proposed Service-Learning assignment?
5. If yes, please specify
6. What do you expect to learn or gain from this Service-Learning activity?
7. I believe I have a good understanding of the needs and problems facing the community where I am going to provide service.
8. I have a responsibility to serve the community in which I live.
9. I learn course content best when connections to real world situations are made.
10. Which of these statements most closely reflects your attitude toward service projects in general.
11. I feel I can have a positive impact on the community in which I live.
12. I probably will not be involved in a service project in my community after this course ends.
13. What is your student class level?
14. Information about you and the project.
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