MOVA Marathon Bombing Resilience Forums

The Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA) was established in 1984. Its purpose is to advocate for and assist victims of crime. MOVA is now providing access to free advocacy, mental health, and other critical services for survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

MOVA's Resilience Forums for Boston Marathon Bombing victims and their families will begin in March 2014. All victims, witnesses, first responders, and loved ones of those, are welcome to join.

Resilience Forums will give participants access to information related to financial compensation/planning, healthcare advocacy, mental health, hearing loss, and traumatic brain injury. The Forums will also give survivors and their families an opportunity to connect with one another.

To get more information about the forums, please complete this survey.

Accessibility Information: All Forums will be physically and audio-logically accessible, with CART and ESL services available upon request. MOVA will make every effort to make forums available remotely to participants who can not attend in person.
1. Please Rank Topics you would like to see covered at the Forums:
(1=most important; 10=least important)
Financial Planning
Understanding Victim Compensation
Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms
Hearing Loss: What to do, When?
Concussion: What to do, When?
How to talk with Employers or Educators about the Impact of the Bombing on You
Anticipating anniversaries and other important dates
Coping Strategies for Panic Attacks and Anxiety
How to connect with other survivors
2. Do you have other topics to suggest?

(If yes, please describe in detail)
3. To register for MOVA's RESILIENCE Forums, please provide contact information:
4. What is the best way to reach you with updates/directions for the forum?
5. Do you have any questions about the Forums?
6. Are there any barriers or challenges, you would like MOVA to be aware of, that will impact your participation ? (Please describe.)
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