1. Would you be interested in drop off activities for your children during school vacations?
2. Would you be interested in drop off activities for your children during early release days?
3. Would you be willing to pay a fee for some of the activities? ex: activities with bus transportation included or for programs that have people come in to teach the children. (dance classes, jewelry making, sports clinics)
4. What method is most favorable to you to sign-up for an event? (select all that apply)
5. What method of payment is most favorable to you for events? (select all that apply)
6. What is the most convenient time for you and your family to attend Middleton Rec events?
7. How well do you think the events are scheduled? (Select all that apply)
8. What are you willing to pay for an event? (Select all that apply)
9. How much does having bus transportation to an event factor into your decision to attend?
Factors stronglyFactors a great dealFactors somewhatFactors slightlyDoes not factor in the decision
10. What is the best way to communicate upcoming events to you: (Select all that apply)
11. How do you generally find out about Middleton Rec Events? (select all that apply)
12. Would you be interested in attending any the following events in the future? (select all that apply)
13. What type of events/programs would you like to see offered? (select all that apply)
14. What would you most like to see Middleton Rec offer that we do not currently offer?
15. What is your general feeling about the Middleton Recreation Commission? (Select only one)
16. Do you currently receive emails from the Middleton Rec?
17. How many people currently live in your household?
18. How many children do you have?
19. How old are your children? Check the boxes that are applicable to your family!
20. Would you please provide us with your feedback, concerns and/or ideas to help us improve?
21. Optional:
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