Tutoring Center Survey

1. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following:
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon't Know/Not Applicable
Tutoring helped me improve my overall scores and/or course grade
Tutoring contributed to my academic success
The tutors were knowledgeable about the topic I needed help with
The tutors’ method of assistance was effective
The quality of tutoring met my needs
The system/organization of tutoring (drop-in, appointment, and group ) met my needs
The Tutoring Center was available at times that I needed
The Tutoring Center staff was helpful in assisting with my needs
I am satisfied with the assistance I received at the Tutoring Center
I would recommend the Tutoring Center to other students
2. What type of assistance did you receive this semester in the Tutoring Center (Check all that apply):
3. How often did you use the Tutoring Center during the past semester:
4. How did you learn about the Tutoring Center:
5. Will you return to the Tutoring Center:
6. Please list one or two things that could be done to improve the Tutoring Center:
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