MA eBook Project Survey

In response to increased demand for eBooks from libraries and library patrons, the MA eBook Project was launched as a pilot project this year. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

This survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for taking the time to help us develop a better eBook experience.
1. How did you find or access the eBooks from the MA eBook Project (EBL, BiblioBoard & B&T Axis 360)? Check all that apply.
2. Were you able to find an eBook you were interested in or met your needs?
3. Were you successful in accessing the eBook? (either downloading it or checking it out)
4. If you were not able to check it out or read it, why not?
5. If the items was already checked out, did you add your name to the hold list?
6. Rate the ease of this experience.
7. What type of device did you use to read the eBook you downloaded or checked out?
8. How long have you been reading eBooks?
9. On average, how often do you use eBooks?
10. Did this eBook experience meet your expectations? Please explain your answer.
11. If we were to expand our eBook collection, what categories of books would you prefer? Check all that apply.
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