Library Instruction Assessment
Student Survey - Spring 2014
*What class was the library instruction for?
*Did you attend the library instruction session?
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Where was the library instruction conducted?
Please take a moment to answer these questions about your recent library instruction so we can determine how to improve our services.
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I learned about new sources of information that I can use to complete my assignments.
The session was relevant to my course or assignment.
The facilities (classroom, computers, equipment, etc.) were adequate.
I know how to get additional help from a librarian if I need assistance with research.
I feel more confident searching library resources.
After this session, I am more likely to use a library book (print or electronic) or an article from a research database to complete an assignment.
After this session, I am more likely to only use Google to locate sources to complete an assignment.
There was an opportunity to ask questions.
Overall, I found this session useful.
The most valuable aspect of this session was:
I would have liked this session to include information about: